New Hires: Any new employee who meets the eligibility requirements has 31 days from the date of his/her eligibility date to complete and return an application for health insurance benefits (medical, dental, vision, prescription, and short-term disability).

  • Salary employee eligibility: The first of the next month following hire.
  • Hourly employee eligibility: After the hire date, 3 full consecutive calendar months with a minimum of 100 hours per month.

If you have questions about how to maintain your insurance coverage, click here.

  1. Click here to print the application to enroll in health insurance.  (The application is not setup to be filled out or submitted online.)
  2. Click here to download the Benefits Guide which explains each benefit.
  3. Fill out the application.
    • To enroll dependents, attach the required proof documentation as explained on the application.
    • Please send copies of the documentation. Originals will not be returned.
  4. Do you have a family member that works for WinCo?
    • If no, go to #5.
    • If yes, and you are covered by his/her health insurance, you have the option to separate coverage to your own plan or you can combine/transfer coverage with an eligible family member (legal spouse, dependent child under 26).
    • Click here for the Transfer/Combine or Separate Coverage Form.
    • WinCo’s plan does not double cover anyone covered by another WinCo employee. For example, two employees cannot cover the same child on 2 separate policies. For questions about this, contact Benefits.
    • Combine/transfer coverage becomes effective the first day of the next month following the qualified life event.
    • Please note that no benefits are provided for pregnancy or anything related to pregnancy for enrolled eligible dependent children.
  5. Decide if you want voluntary benefits. Please note that some have a sign up deadline of 31 days from hire date. Click here for information and applications.
  6. Complete the Beneficiary Form. (This is not the same as the ESOP/401K beneficiary form.) Click here for the form.
  7. Turn in your application, form, and required documentation, if applicable, following the instructions on the form as soon as possible to the Benefits Department. Your application can be accepted anytime between your hire date and the deadline, the earlier the better. Applications and documentation CANNOT be accepted by email. The deadline to turn in your application and documentation is 31 days from the date of your eligibility date.
  8. After your application and documentation is processed, you will receive a letter in the mail when your benefits start.
    • A Summary Plan Document will be sent to your store which outlines all of the benefits.
    • ID cards will be mailed approximately 2 weeks after you receive your new coverage letter. These will be sent to your home address. You will get cards for medical, dental, and prescription. Use your medical card for vision.